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x-rated love story

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i <3 a static lullaby [Monday,
Apr 04, 05 @ 3:59pm
[ mood | intimidated ]

well haven't posted in here in a while so i decided to make a new layout cause the new a static lullaby cd is coming out tomorrow so excited i need to go get that also i need to get mae love both bands need to go to best buy realll bad nothing much has changed ive been busy with work and studying and all dan came over last saturday and my brother was a pest and the movie broke lol it was fun though good times. last weekend lori and lauren came over and we worked on chemistry and we are trying to get a web site up for ourselves then saturday i worked and sunday i went over laurens house and lori was there and we baked cup cakes! :) yummm made me so sick though to much baking and sugar. i wasted my entire weekend on my chemistry project can you say A+ or mrs mockus is going down! lol oka im off to work again...

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come be part of our world [Wednesday,
Mar 16, 05 @ 9:23pm
[ mood | nervous ]

nothing much has been going on since friday, only writing in here cause im bored. monday i worked, tuesday, i went to art class and lost 65 dollars but rachel found 45 of it, god i love her! lol tonight i worked again. i hate my job so much my shoulder hurts from lifting heavy boxes and i got card board cuts on my hands. its so nasty. so im pretty tired. time to go to bed, i hope

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